Enrich Festival arose from passion for inclusion, diversity and broadly understood ART.

The initial idea came from a social worker from the Adult Care Services who was then awarded the funding from the Arts Council England and Hertfordshire County Council. What seemed like a simple thing to organise appeared to be more complex than expected. The first Enrich Festival 2019 would not have been so successful without the support provided by the festival’s 2019 partners such as Watford and Three Rivers Trust, Herts Inclusive Theatre, TeARTico Ltd, Inclusion Project, Sanctuary Studios Watford, Chamber of Conscience, Monika Kuriata and Peter Curtis.

In 2020, the Enrich Festival was passed on to Herts Inclusive Theatre, www.hit-theatre.org.uk, to continue to project manage the running and ethos of the festival.

Our goal has been very clear from the beginning, we want to give space and visibility to the artists with disabilities, create a platform where people will have a chance to interact, share their experiences and enjoy themselves proving that ART knows no barriers.

We hope that the festival will return to become a regular event in Watford.

All events are free but to secure your place you will need to pre-book through the events tab on our website.

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